Animated GIFS

What is an animated GIF?

An animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a file containing a series of GIF format images, displayed one after each other with a few seconds of delay, producing the effect of a small animation that runs in a loop.

This file format is often used in social media. You can find a few in some of our Christmas premade templates.


Is it possible to use an animated GIF in an email?

Yes, it is possible to upload in the application images in the following formats: jpg (RGB), PNG (8 or 24) or GIF (including animated GIFS). To avoid display problems, try to keep your animated GIF under 1Mo. Also, the original width of your image must be under 1600px and the height must be less than 1200px. If your image is larger than 1600px or higher than 1200px, it could be compressed during your upload in the application and could lose its animated effect.

The method to add an animated GIF is the same method used to insert images. To learn how to insert an image, click here.

I tested my template in my inbox and the animation doesn’t work. Why?

Be careful with the size of your GIF image before uploading it into the application! We recommend to use animated GIF under 1Mo. Also, check the dimensions of your image before you upload it. If it is larger than 1600px or higher than 1200px, the file will be compressed when it will be uploaded in the application. You could lose your animated effect in the compression. There is no restrictions on the height of your image.

Some emailing softwares, like Outlook 2007 to 2013 and the “Windows Mobile 7” device, do not support animated GIFS. In Outlook, instead of showing the animation, only the first image of the loop displayed. The apparition order of your images is therefore important.

Tip: If you want contacts who use these softwares to see your animation, add the “Display online version” link. By accessing the online version, they will be able to see the animation.  Click here to learn how.