How to test your update profile form

Preview your form in mobile or desktop mode

In the form editor, click the Desktop or Mobile tabs to toggle between the two views.

Changes you make to your form while in either preview mode will apply to both.


Preview your form with filler text

To see how your contacts' data will be displayed in your form's fields, activate the option Preview form with filler text.


Test your form

To test your form, you must send an email to a group (for example, use a test group containing only your personal email address) and include a link to your form in it.

You can insert an update profile link in the body of your mailing or in its footer. 

The update profile links don't work in emails sent via the Test mailing option (available in the drag-and-drop email editor). As it's unique to each recipient, the form placeholder can't be replaced by the form link during the test.