Dynamic groups

What is a dynamic group?

A dynamic group is a group to which contacts are automatically added when they meet a set of selection criteria specified during the group creation process. The application automatically updates dynamic groups. 

Difference between a static and a dynamic group

A static group is a group to which contacts are manually added. For example, contacts can be added to a static group by the importing process, by being added via the "add to group" option, or through a subscription form.

A dynamic group is composed of contacts that meet a set of selection criteria that are set when creating the group. The updates of contacts belonging to this group is done automatically. When creating a dynamic group, you need to establish the criteria that will define if a subscriber profile is a match for the group. All contacts in your account that meet the specified criteria for the group will be assigned to the group. When new contacts are added to your database, they will be assigned to all dynamic groups for which they meet the criteria.

Why should I use dynamic groups?

A dynamic group is used to segment its subscribers in an automated way of better targeting contacts, and reducing management time related to creating a mailing. With the automated updating, rest assured that all contacts meeting the selection criteria will be selected as recipients for a mailing, even the most recent subscribers.

For example, you could create a dynamic group from a list of clients from the Montreal region who speak English. To do this, you need to have entered this information in the contact details in a custom field. Your dynamic group should look like this: 

With customized targeting, better conversions and open rates are expected, which will have a positive impact on your sales.

How to create a dynamic group?

There are two ways to create a dynamic group:

  • From Groups menu > New group:
  1. In the "Groups" menu, click on "Add a group".

  2. Name the group and select "Dynamic" from the group type drop-down.

  3. Following this, a selection of criteria for the group will appear. You can set up to 20 criteria to target your recipients.

  4. Click "Save".

  • From the results of an advanced search of contacts:
  1. Go to the "Contacts" menu in the "Subscribed" tab.
  2. Click on the "Advanced search" link next to the search field. 

  3. Once the advanced search fields are open, you can add up to 20 search criteria. Then, click on the "Search" button to filter through your subscribers.

    The results will show the number of contacts who meet your search criteria. 

  4. You can then click the "Convert to dynamic group" button at the bottom of the page to create a new group from your search results.

  5. Simply enter a group name in the popup box that will open and click "ok". 

How do I know if a group is static or dynamic?

Click on the "Groups" menu to list all your groups. The type column identitifies your dynamic groups. 


Edit a dynamic group

Click on the "Groups" menu to list all your groups. In the groups listing, click on the "Edit" option of the actions menu at the end of the row you want to edit. You will have access to your selection criteria that you’ll be able to change if you’d like.  Make sure to save your changes after editing.


Delete a dynamic group

Deleting a dynamic group is the same as deleting a static group. Click on the "Groups" menu to list all your groups. In the groups listing, click on the "Delete" option of the actions menu at the end of the row you want to delete.

If I delete a dynamic group, what happens to the contacts belonging to it?
These contacts will not be deleted. They will remain linked to the other groups they belong to. If they don't belong to any other group, they will simply become ungrouped contacts and you will not be able to send them any newsletters until you link them to another group.
Learn more about ungrouped contacts

Do I have to update a dynamic group?

No. Dynamic groups are specifically designed so that they don't need to be manually updated. The application is responsible for updating the dynamic groups in an automated way.

What is the refreshing ?

The refresh process is the automated update of a dynamic group by the application. During this process, any contact that meet the group’s criteria is selected and added to the group. The date and time of the last refresh of a group is displayed in the top left-hand corner of the details page of your dynamic group.


When does the refresh happen?

The refresh your dynamic groups is automated at regular intervals, as well as following certain trigger events.

Automatic refresh at regular intervals
The application automatically updates a dynamic group every 9 hours. No action on your part is required.

Trigger events
Some actions will trigger a group update. Here is the list of trigger events following which the application will refresh a dynamic group:
- When creating a new dynamic group;
- When changing the criteria of a dynamic group;
- After importing contacts;
- When a mailing is sent to a dynamic group.

Notes :
- Manually adding a contact does not trigger the refresh of your dynamic groups.
- Dynamic groups are automatically refreshed in the moments preceding a mailing. A newly added contact to your list (between the most recent refresh of your dynamic groups and the mailing) will be added to the recipient list of your mailing if it meets the criteria of a dynamic group included in the mailing.
- If you edit a dynamic group, but none of the selection criteria is changed, your dynamic group will not be refreshed when saving.