I didn't receive my test! What should I do?

You just finished the final touch on the breathtaking visual for your email campaign with our application and it is finally ready for the crucial and final test: your inbox. You select the "Test mailing" tool from the template builder and enter the subject of your email along with the email address you wish to use for your testing purposes. Excitedly, your reach your inbox and... nothing. It remains barren, showing no signs of all your hard work.

Before you scream, panic or set fire to your computer as a protest, here are a few things you can do to retrieve the missing email, or at least find the cause of the suddence disappearance in the vast internet limbo.

Look around your mail box.

First and foremost, take a look at your different files or tabs (it can happen when you use different kind of rules to sort your emails). I know, it seems like a given but as simple and easy as it seems, it is a step that is often forgotten. Make sure your email was not delivered in your spam folder or one of the Gmail tabs (Looking at you, Promotions!). If you are using Outlook.com/Hotmail look into the Others tab.

Contact your network administrator.

It is entirely possible that you have some security settings that prevent emails from an unfamiliar source from being delivered. We can provide, if necessary, the required information that can be relayed to the person in charge of your emails to make sure you don't have to go trough delivery problems with our platform.

Barracuda customer? Do not activate the "Sender's spoof protection".

The "Sender's spoof protection" effectively blocks email using your domain name coming from external servers. In theory, it is an excellent thing... except when you are using a mass mailing platform such as ours. Barracuda will prevent the delivery of any email sent to your domain name, not recognizing the IP address as yours. Simply deactivate that function and the delivery will be allowed for future mailings.

Contact us!

You have done every possible action under the sun but alas, the problem still occurs? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be able to verify things from our end to help you solve the delivery problem and help your mailing reach its final destination.