Incorrect addresses and technical problems

Types of errors received by our servers

There are 2 types of errors that can be returned to our servers for an email address:

  1. A "hard" bounce (error is permanent: invalid or non-existent address, delivery problem considered permanent, etc.) : the email address with this type of error will be placed in the incorrect addresses section of your mailing statistics.
  2. A "soft" bounce (problem is temporary: mailbox is full or server busy or server is temporarily unavailable) : the email address with this type of error will be placed in the technical problems section of your mailing statistics.

Incorrect addresses

Emails listed as incorrect have received a strict error message when the system tried to deliver an email. These addresses are automatically removed from your groups and moved to the "Contacts" > "Incorrect addresses" section.
Incorrect addresses will appear in gray in lists of statistics.


How can I view incorrect addresses?

There are two ways to access this data:

  • Go to "Contacts" > "Incorrect addresses"
  • From the statistics of a mailing, click the number to the right of the word " Incorrect addresses" in the delivery graph


What should I do with incorrect addresses?

It is possible in some cases to correct them, if you know what the error is. Otherwise, no action is necessary as they will automatically be cleaned from your list.

Technical problems

Addresses that returned a "technical problem" are not automatically removed from your groups, that is to say, it will be possible to write again to these contacts.
If our servers receive a response that indicates that the mailbox is full, it automatically classifies the address in the "technical problems". If it receives a message saying that the server is too busy, it will retry sending the email again every 3 to 4 hours, for up to 2 days. If, after this period, it is still impossible to deliver the email to the address, our servers will stop trying to deliver your email and the address will appear in the "technical problems" section.

How can I view technical problems?

From the statistics of a mailing, click the number to the left of the word " Technical problems" in the delivery graph.


What should I do with technical problems?

You do not have to take any action: the next time you try to do a mailing to these contacts, the server will try the normal way. Since the problem was temporary in nature, your contacts should receive your email safely.

After some time (leaving a chance for to the problem to be resolved), you can send your email again to the addresses located in your technical problems statistics.

From the statistics section, you can add your technical problems addresses directly to a group.

To do this:

  • Click the number to the right of your " technical problems" in the mailing statistics. You will then access the complete contacts list of this statistic.
  • Select all contacts listed by checking the box above the contacts table.
  • Then click the "Add to Group" button. A second window will open.
  • If you wish to add these contacts to an existing group, select "Add to existing group " and choose the group from the dropdown list.
  • Otherwise, select "Add to a new group" and fill in the necessary information.You will then be ready to prepare your mailing.