Preferred language for mailing

Question: Is it possible to send an email in a language other than the one identified in the contacts list?
Answer: Yes. Assigning a language to a contacts list doesn’t stop you from sending a message in a different language. For example, if you check a group when preparing your mailing that has French and English contacts and you send them one of your French templates, your English contacts will also receive it in French, since they were part of the selected group. Content is not translated automatically by the application. 

Differences between the mailing's and the contact's language

Preferred language for mailing:

The choice of language at the moment of drafting your mailing will affect the footer of your newsletter.  

If you wish to send a bilingual mailing, it is important to know that you will only be able to choose one language for the footer text of your mailing page. Your page footer will be identical for all the contacts of a mailing list, regardless of the language that is set in their profile.

Moreover, if you customize your mailings by adding an automatic greeting mailing, (Mr., Ms., Madame, Monsieur etc.), the language of your mailing will determine if this variable will appear in English or in French in your text. Of course, to use these choices, you must equally indicate the gender of the contacts in your list.

Preferred language for contacts:

The selected language in your contacts profile will help organize them and allow the system to interact in the right language when they click on the “unsubscribe”, “send to a friend” and "confirm your consent" links. You can also use this information to create distinct mailings depending on your contact's languages.

For example, if one of your English-speaking contact receives an email in French and click on the “Unsubscribe” link in the footer of your newsletter, the system will detect your his preferred language and the confirmation pages will appear in English. 

*** Please note that if you add a contact manually and that you have not specified a preferred language for this contact, the language used for the confirmation page of the unsubscription will be the same language as the mailing.

We suggest that you create distinct groups according to the preferred language of your contacts. This way, it will be easier for you to prepare mailings and can also contribute to increase the success of your communications. You can create dynamic groups to segment your members in regard to their language preferences.